UK 2p coin

“…it’s only £20 a month, just coppers really.” The speaker was a very well-dressed lady of an age well beyond economic activity.

My first thought, “yes, it’s ‘just’ 1000 2p’s or 2000 pennies.” Then I got to wondering what someone living on $1 a day or less would feel about this.

12 years ago I worked for a small company in Ali G country that made a box for generating billing information from PBXes. One day our salesman came in and told us how he’d just met a guy with the secret of making millions: come up with a service — his was international telephone calling cards — that people think will be indispensable, charge them £15 a month and after a couple of months 90+% of people have stopped using the service but don’t notice the £15 on their bank statement any more.

Seems it’s £20 a month now, even for pensioners.

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