An open letter to Barry Fletcher, COO Ingeus UK

Barry Fletcher
Chief Operating Officer
Ingeus UK
Fourth Floor
66 Prescot Street
E1 8HG
Dear Mr Fletcher

I was a participant in the DWP Work Programme, in my case delivered by Ingeus in Gateshead. It was no surprise to me that the end of my programme in October 2014 went without notice or comment from your company but I have just come across the original brochure given to me at the outset of the programme and, given that your company has no doubt reported its success in my case and pocketed the resultant fee, was wondering if you would find the time to answer a few questions on your real performance.

A short time after beginning the programme in October 2012 my advisor made me aware of an opportunity to develop websites for at least ten existing Ingeus clients who were setting up in self-employment; with a further 2-4+ a month  needing the same service across the northeast.

With this ‘guaranteed’ client stream I was persuaded to embark on self-employment.

The ten existing clients eventually materialised into four over a period of as many months, with an occasional new client every 2 months or so.

In January 2014 my advisor left Ingeus and I was told to work with the advisor in North Shields. At the same time I was chasing an overdue invoice with Ingeus for work completed. Repeated attempts to contact Ingeus about payment were met with silence; eventually I received a response and payment when I lodged a claim in county court.

Since January 2014 I have heard nothing from an Ingeus advisor.

At the outset of my programme I was assured of in-house help and possibly therapy for my mental health problems. This amounted to giving me the contact details for the mental health team at Gateshead NHS.

Advice and training on self-employment comprised a phone number to call for Working Tax Credits and a scribbled list of networking groups.

With the above in mind I wonder how you feel my treatment addresses your ‘Customer Pledge:’

  • A flexible service that is convenient and accessible
  • A personalised package of support that is tailored to your needs
  • A professional Careers Academy and support to help you develop and progress in work
  • Priority access to exclusive job vacancies and job market information
  • Respect at all times and support to be active in setting your own goals

In particular could you address the promises you made to

  • Keep in regular contact with you
  • Ensure you can easily contact us
  • Give you access to the tools and information you need
  • Encourage and act on your feedback or complaints
  • Protect your personal information
  • Provide you with equality of opportunity
  • Focus on your safety and welfare

I await your reply, in the mean time you may inform your Gateshead office that this is the closing review on my programme that they never held.

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