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Demi Lovato (no, me neither).

So here’s┬áDemi Lovato and she’s really famous. No really. She gets all the top photographers at her appearances, especially the ones who use those fancy megapixel cameras with the JPEG compression that goes up to 11.

She rocks the ghost world … apparently.


You could make it up, but nobody would believe you.

You could make it up, but nobody would believe you.

He’s a photovideographer, and to prove how good he is he even has his own equipment. Doesn’t expect you to lend him your camera or anything.

Rod Bee

Hold the flippin’ front page. I have incontrovertible proof of Roswell Rods and they’re in Greenside!

A honey bee swarm has today landed on the empty house next door so, of course, I went out to get some snaps. Here’s one:_DSC9254

But wait a minute, what’s this?_DSC9254-1

A bit of CSI zoom and enhance:_DSC9254-2

In case any sceptics out there suspect Photoshop shenanigans, here’s the raw file.

The evidence could only be stronger if I’d used a slower shutter speed and/or waved the camera around at arm’s length while shooting. Or better yet, used a video camera totally unsuited to rendering fast-action motion.