Take That Take That

Take That Take That


Something else I don’t get. So these boys have dropped £25,000,000 into this scheme to avoid paying some unspecified amount of tax.

Surely the tax bill can’t exceed the loss they’re claiming on this scheme?

Unless, of course, someone is lying about the size of that loss and the TT boys’ ‘investment.’ But that can’t be the case or they’d be facing fraud charges as well as a big tax bill.

The thought that these grinning buffoons must have trousered hundreds of millions on the back of 1.5 decent songs and a tide of teenage hormones depresses me.

Demi Lovato (no, me neither).

So here’s Demi Lovato and she’s really famous. No really. She gets all the top photographers at her appearances, especially the ones who use those fancy megapixel cameras with the JPEG compression that goes up to 11.

She rocks the ghost world … apparently.


You could make it up, but nobody would believe you.

You could make it up, but nobody would believe you.

He’s a photovideographer, and to prove how good he is he even has his own equipment. Doesn’t expect you to lend him your camera or anything.

Old boots

Old boots

How is it that you can know where something is, go straight there and not find what you’re looking for until the fifth time and two weeks of searching the rest of the house?

Welcome back, old friends, wherever you’ve been.